My son came home from school excitedly waving a drawing he had completed that day.  As an artist, I was inspired by his thrill for what he had accomplished.  Having a degree in Fine Art and recently writing a plan to market my own art on apparel, I was inspired by his enthusiasm to completely swap out my art for his, reform the business plan and thus Little Fish Clothing was born.

Little Fish Clothing’s mission is to offer the world artistically created and inspirational apparel and goods.  Through expressive, creative wear and gifts we strive to reflect the innocence of your inner child.

Art is the heart and soul of the Little Fish Clothing and our passion for art drives visions to a limitless success here at Little Fish Clothing.  Our images are stylized to be recognizable as a specific and familiar style under one brand. We are continually developing our creative focus to positively inspire and impact our community locally and globally so that today’s unique people continue to create tomorrow’s colorful world. 

Little Fish Clothing In The News: https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/neighbors/49303-pre-schooler-s-drawing-inspires-fairfield-based-clothing-brand-now-marking-10-year-anniversary